Make the Self-Care Decision to Help Your Brain Relax so its Own Self-Healing and Self-Repair Mechanisms can Best do their Job

For the first time in the Finger Lakes Region and all of Western New York, AdairForce LLC is making the cutting edge neuro-technology of Brainwave Optimization® available to people who are looking to enhance their SELF-CARE diciplines and improve their overall well-being non-invasively, without medication, and with a science-based process.

Over 70,000 people, young and old, from around the world have stepped outside the medical model and made the self-care decision to utilize Brainwave Optimization with RTB™ (Real Time Balancing). This process is an effective, holistic and non-invasive method for helping the brain relax and achieve greater balance and harmony on its own terms. A more relaxed and self-optimized brain has been shown to help with concerns related to concussions, depression, stress, pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, migraines, addictive dependencies, challenges to learning (ADD/ADHD), cognitive performance and more. 

Brainwave Optimization®  is about Self-Care and making a choice to optimize your brain’s natural self-regulatory, self-healing mechanisms. 

Click here to check out the research being conducted at the Wake Forest School of Medicine confirming the ability of the brain to self-adjust, thereby mitigating symptoms, after being aided in the relaxation process by Brainwave Optimization®.(Note: HIRREM®  is the scientific name for Brainwave Optimization®.)

Learn more about the process of Brainwave Optimization here.

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“Before my BWO sessions with Claude when I would sit down to read a book I would have trouble focusing and remembering what I had read after 3 pages, or even 3 paragraphs. But after my BWO sessions I’m finding my focus and concentration have improved along with my comprehension. Now when I’m reading I feel like I’m actually absorbing what’s on the page and not having to go back so often and re-read like I used to. - Another thing I’m noticing since having BWO sessions is the quality of my sleep has improved and I’m waking up feeling more rested. - As someone who deals with some chronic pain I’m also aware that since my BWO sessions I’m doing a better job of managing the pain that I feel throughout my whole body.  It’s like the relationship between the pain itself and my perception of it has shifted in a positive way making my life easier. - What I especially liked about the process was that it was innovative and noninvasive and so relaxing that I fell asleep numerous times. - Knowing how uneasy a first-time visit to any wellness practitioner can make a person, I appreciate that Claude was professional and thorough. By that, I mean, he fully explained what would happen before EACH session before I even got comfortable in the chair. Additionally, I appreciate and respect that Claude obviously values follow up; he let me know that he did not intend to just have  a session or two with me and send me on my merry way.
Licensed Massage Therapist - Rochester, NY,


“My first pleasant surprise was how relaxing Brainwave Optimization sessions can be. I found myself dosing off a few times and I never imagined that would happen. Then, in speaking with a work colleague nearly a month after completing 10 sessions of Brainwave Optimization, she commented on how she noticed a change in how I was handling stressful situations in the office. It was then I realized how easily I could be triggered prior to my Brainwave Optimization sessions, and that now I felt more confident and able to manage things in stride.”
30-something Professional Woman with Active, Young Family - Spencerport, NY,


“I would wake every day aching so much it took a couple hours to get going. After 3 or 4 sessions I began to notice this aching really start to lose some its edge which allowed me to back off on the pain medication I was taking. As sessions continued my sleep improved and I could tell old patterns I had developed around various health concerns were beginning to shift. For sure my anxiety level over the learning curve of a new job and the anticipated stress of the upcoming holidays was significantly lower.”
60yr old Suffering from Chronic Pain - Webser, NY,

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